This isn't the way I feel today, but it's a sentiment that I understand 
about giving.

Sonnet 180 (I'm snuggled in a cotton batting bath)
By Tom Matkin, June 6, 2002

I'm snuggled in a cotton batting bath
My senses stuffed with wool and fire in one
A victim of some tiny microbe's wrath
My goose is more than cooked, it's overdone.
I'm tippy, wonky, staggering and faint
I'm cloudy, foggy, slow and overcast
I hesitate to make this a complaint
But now my eyes aren't focusing, they're glassed!
I could go home and take a proper pill
To put an end to notice of my pain
But if I did then how could I fulfill
My duty to extend this flu-like chain?

Tis better to be giving than to get
And so I'll put some others in my debt.


"I just pretend I'm a princess, and that I could summarily have her 
executed at any time according to my own pleasure.  It gives me great 
comfort!" (The Little Princess)

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