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> Subject: [ZION] Commies and Pinkos
> Ron Scott wrote:
> >That's fine. The politics can come later--as you gain more light and
> >knowledge <grin>. Which reminds me of a joke. Something about
> newborn mice
> >being good communists. When the commissar come back a few weeks later he
> >discovers they are not communists anymore--their eyes had opened. Or
> >something to that effect.
> >---
> >
> >Say, who are you and your pals chasing now that there aren't commies and
> >pinkos in every commode and closet?
> Personally, I've moved away from politics and further into the gospel.  I
> know that the commies and pinkos are still there, I just don't
> care as much
> what they are doing.  Maybe you could fill me in, do you think?  Not that
> you were ever a commie or a pinko.<

> And if you go looking for commies and pinkos you still might be able to
> find some of them if you look in the right places:

Says you!!!

> China {For now}
> North Korea {For now}
> Cuba { Not many, not long}
> Vietnam {A few}
> Harvard {in your mind, perhaps}
> Yale {Oh please!}
> ???

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