Ron Scott wrote:
If she lives in Newton and attends the "regular" ward for the city (as
opposed to the many student wards in Cambridge) she goes ( I assume, given
her relationship to you, that she's "active")  to church in Weston, where
I'm supposed to.  Her bishop is a very good friend, Cary Hopkins.  I live in
a small town that is technically part of the Weston First Ward. However,
because we're the only Mormon family in a tiny town (Pop. 4,000) that is on
the border between the two wards we have been given the option of choosing
the First or Second Ward (the one that includes the city of Newton).  Both
meet in the same building, the stake center for the Boston Stake. My
youngest daughter attends school in Chestnut Hill, a section of Newton:
hence I am in your daughter's neighborhood, more or less, every single day.
What does she do while her husband attends dental school?

She is in nursing school, and hopes to graduate in April. She and her husband are also live in student nannies for some children in the area. To hear her tell it, she is more busy than a one armed paper hanger with the hives. --JWR

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