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> >  My
> >youngest daughter attends school in Chestnut Hill, a section of Newton:
> Ah, yes, nice school.  We (meaning Ithaca Ballet**) have one of our girls
> gong there this year, Dasha Kittridge, as a drama major.  A marvelously
> talented and beautiful young lady.

Chestnut Hill? Drama major? CHS is a private elementary school.  I wasn't
aware we had "drama" majors. Might you be thinking of a college in Chestnut

> Till
> ** (Schindlerian footnote) I decided the best way to repay all
> the kindness
> they did for my family was to serve on the board of directors
> AFTER my kids
> were out of there.  They've gone and made me president now, which means I
> get to control how long (or short) the meetings are.  So I still have a
> direct interest in the students there.<

Then you've probably heard that, for now at least, The Wang Center has
booted out "The Nutcracker" beginning next Christmas, 2004.  A touring
company of the Radio City Rockettes has taken the dates.  The city is in an
uproar, as you might imagine.  I mean, Boston ain't exactly Las Vegas.


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