Valerie Nielsen Williams wrote:
It's even harder for an older (middle-aged) widow.  I wouldn't mind
finding a time-only companion.  But it seems that the widowers in the
church want to be sealed to another woman, instead of finding one who is
already sealed.  At my bishop's behest I tried LDSPlanet for a couple of
months.  Profiles of widowers, majority, want to be sealed again to wife
#2.  I can't compete with that, so I don't even try.  At this point, I'm
content to live alone.

President Hunter married his second wife for time only because she was already sealed to another. So did the father of the man who ordained me a high priest. In fact, he married a second wife for time only, and when she died he married a third wife for time only. Not all of the men in the Church are into plural marriage beyond the grave, at least not so you would notice in their behavior as widowers. --JWR

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