I know not all are that way, but around here there are no LDS widowers,
and online resources are all that are available.  Of those, the majority
don't want a widow.  I realize that is not accurate for all men, but it
seems to be the general feeling online.  
Now, if I could find someone like Pres. Hunter. . .how cool would that
be.  He is right up there with Prophet/Presidents I really love and
respect.  His life-long trials, and the way he rose above them, still
shine as an example for me to follow.  I think he is incredible.


On Fri, 07 Nov 2003 08:59:46 -0900 "John W. Redelfs"
> President Hunter married his second wife for time only because she 
> was 
> already sealed to another.  So did the father of the man who 
> ordained me a 
> high priest.  In fact, he married a second wife for time only, and 
> when she 
> died he married a third wife for time only.  Not all of the men in 
> the 
> Church are into plural marriage beyond the grave, at least not so 
> you would 
> notice in their behavior as widowers.  --JWR
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