Well, Gary even if your interpretation is not true, the conclusions are.  We
need to stand in Holy Places.

Recently this was brought home to me more than for some time as I discussed
the 200 years of peace after the Saviour visited this land.  The idea was
that it was not a universal, hemispherical, condition, but was limited to a
relatively small group of people who had survived the visit.  They were
protected from the rest of the world while they had their Zion experience.
I suspect that this might be an example of how it will be in the stakes of
Zion in the last days.


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> Well, one way to interpret D&C 87 as the slaves that rise up against
> their masters who are disciplined in war, to mean the fall of Socialism;
> with the remnant of the slaves rising up against the Gentile nations
> being the Muslim terrorism attacks. When that occurs, the D&C says there
> will begin to be many signs in the heavens and natural destructions.
> So, if that interpretation is correct, we may see some interesting times
> ahead. Oh, stand in holy places, eh?
> Gary Smith
> Heidi Page wrote:
> >
> > Hello all...
> >
> > I read a bit on cnn.com this morning about the upcoming lunar eclipse
> > this weekend and how the moon is supposed to turn blood red.  To quote
> > the article:  "Saturday's lunar eclipse will be followed by the Leonid
> > meteor shower, a total solar eclipse over the southern hemisphere -- and
> > a chance for more auroras if the sun stays active. Another eruption
> > Tuesday on the sun ranked among the most intense solar events ever
> > recorded. But the explosion was aimed away from Earth, meaning it would
> > have little impact here. "
> >
> > What think ye?  Do you think this *means* anything?
> >
> > Just curious...
> > Heidi the fair
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