I'm sorry to rain on everyone's parade.  I see that many people
enjoy discussing the gospel.  I do not qualify to join such
discussions.  I just don't have the knowledge everyone else has.
So I decided to start a new thread.  In the past, my efforts have
had mixed results.  At times I have started threads that have
lasted weeks.  Other times my post seems to be the only one, so I
suppose it could not even be called a thread.  We shall see how
this one works out.  Please forgive the lightheartedness.

I was just wondering what everyone is reading these days.  I'm
currently working my way through Red Rabbit by Tom Clancy.  I had
decided to read the Iliad and the Odyssey, but I didn't get too
far before I realized that I will need to get the Cliff Notes to
go with that.  My little brain just doesn't function that well.
Luckily I will be heading for Savannah next month so I plan to
pick it up then.  I'm thinking of reading Contact by Carl Sagan
next.  I really enjoyed the movie, and I can't imagine anyone
having seen that movie without being convinced that there is life
out there beyond the confines of the earth.

So does anyone care to share what they are reading these days?
Or their thoughts on life in outer space?  I'm kind of angry at
myself.  Astute readers will notice that I have a new e-mail
address.  I also have a new computer.  I downloaded the SETI
program, but when I tried to add on to my previous SETI total
they asked for my password.  I have no idea, and since they only
send the password to the old address (which has since been
cancelled), I'm out of luck.  I had over 400 completed work
units, and had to start over.  I'm at about 90 now.  One good
thing, my new computer whips through those work units between two
and three times as fast as my old computer.

Anyway, I ask again, what are you guys reading?

Cousin Bill
"Our country, right or wrong.  When
right, to be kept right.  When wrong,
to be put right." -- Carl Schurz

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