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> Social club?  That was farthest from my mind while I was converting.
> fact, my old church had doughnuts during the Sunday school hour and
> who just sat around talking.  Yes, it had degenerated into that.  I
> looking for something much more and I found it.
> Stacy.

President Hinckley acknowledges the following need for every new convert
(and for the rest of us I suppose), a friend, a responsibility and
nurturing by the good word of God. 

To me those are the three things included in Moroni 6:4, where we are
numbered (fellowshipped or friendshipped or if your don't mind,
socialized) named (which is, for me, a code word for the process of
being given a call where our name is read out before the congregation
for a sustaining vote) and nourished by the good word of God (which is
the teaching and spiritual worship that we enjoy together as "meet
together oft" - following on in the next verse or two).

Does that mean we are a social club.  Well, in a sense yes, but a great
deal more than that. President Hinckley recognizes that socialization is
necessary as well as the spiritual and service components of the church.

Incidentally, one of the reasons given in training that I have received,
for the removal of missionary farewells and homecomings is so that the
objective of nurturing by the good word of God can be increased and
given greater emphasis. The homecoming and farewell model for sacrament
meeting tends, very often, to deemphasize gospel topics and focus on
individual and family issues that are exclusionary to those not in that
family or closely aligned with it. Too many shaggy dog stories about the
youngster now called as a missionary and not enough gospel teaching. We
get the same counsel about funerals a lot too. Which is one reason that
I speak at every funeral I attend in my stake. My point is to try to add
some balance between the gospel message and the celebration of the life
of the deceased. I started out only speaking when the balance needed to
be tipped, in my opinion, but later decided that it could never be too
much tipped in favour of the comforting and saving doctrines of the
resurrection and redemption through Jesus Christ, so I always have
something to say. But the family dinner after the funeral is sometimes
as comforting and important as the service and the sermons, so there has
to be some socialization, even if that means funeral potatoes instead of


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> >New converts are not often full-grown in their testimony.  They
> >somewhat on socializing and fellowship to support their faith.
> >
> >As do we all.
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