Democratic Senator Zell Miller of Georgia has written an interesting 
book on his party. He criticizes them for going so far left, and 
rejecting some of its former ideals, including being the party of the 
downtrodden and regular guy.

I must say, as I recollect my younger years, my parents were stolid 
Democrats. They voted for JFK, LBJ, voted for HHHumphrey, gathered 
petition signatures to have Jerry Ford impeached for pardoning Nixon, 
voted the first time for Carter.

But with the majority of America, they started seeing the Dems slip 
farther and farther to the left until they could no longer recognize it 
as the party they had believed in for so long. They were Reagan 
Democrats. With me, they voted the first time for Ross Perot, being 
disgusted with Bush Sr's lie on "no new taxes." But were even more 
disgusted with Clinton's lies. Dad's now gone, but Mom is rather 
satisfied with "W" Bush, though in my view, he's okay, but definitely 
not a Reagan.

I would like to see the Dems return to where they once were. Where the 
Zell Millers and JFKs had dreams on how the government could work hand 
in hand with the people of the nation to accomplish much good. Instead, 
Zell is the lone voice on the national level of the Dems, decrying their 
socialistic antics and lack of love for America's purpose.

I wish we could regain the party of Jefferson, for those of us who truly 
believe we are Jeffersonian Democrats.

Gary Smith

Gerald (Gary) Smith

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