Ron Scott tried to excuse Ted's behavior by the deaths of his brothers, and asked for 
what danger there is from communism today.

Let me answer both. First, Ted's behavior came along way before any of his brothers 
died. Chappaquidick shows us just what kind of a person he is. While John Kennedy 
risked his life for his men on his PT boat, and with his brother, Bobby Kennedy, stood 
firm against communism in the Cuba Missile Crisis; we have Teddy going his own spoiled 
brat way. Mort Sahl, the comedian and political commentator once mentioned how people 
would grab him and say, "you've got to see this new senator, he's just like JFK" or 
"This new guy is just like Bobby."  Mort wondered if there was anyone that wasn't like 
JFK or Bobby, and then it dawned on him: Teddy.  If anything, Teddy sold out to 
communist/extreme liberal interests long ago, and shares nothing with his older 
brothers except the now misnomered label "Democrat."  JFK lowered taxes, while there 
hasn't been a tax increase that Teddy didn't think was too small. JFK fought for 
American strength, freedom, and independence in developing programs like the space 
program. Teddy has sought to expand welfare services at the expense of the welfare 
recipients, who are enslaved in a system they can scarcely break out of.

Now, as for communism's modern threat. I don't look at it as a threat by communism, 
but by tyrannical ideologies. Ideologies that seek to reach their goals by enslaving 
or killing millions are evil. America should not support nor sustain any of them, 
except in encouraging them to become free republics. Then, I read the Revelation of 
John as discussing Beasts, etc. I see the first Beast as the European Union, with its 
disgust for true freedom and desire to establish a major economic system enforced 
everywhere (which is what the Beast does. You can't buy nor sell without its mark: the 
Euro?). Then, the Dragon is China, which is becoming a world power. Finally, the 
second Beast will be the Muslim nations, as they enhance in power, and as Europe 
embraces them in their disgust toward Israel, and in their attempt to pacify 

I am not a capitalist, BTW. I believe it is just as easy to push capitalism in 
communist China as it is to do it here. I am a believer in human liberty, not given by 
the state, but by God. This is the clencher that separates free republics like the USA 
from many of its counterparts in Europe. France and Germany believe in freedom, only 
as long as it doesn't bother the politicians. France doesn't have several viewpoints 
readily available to its people, but only that of the ruling party. They seek to 
secularize the EU, getting rid of Christianity, rather than allowing religious 
freedom, but recognizing its roots: both the good and bad of it all.

I see a grave danger coming in the name of capitalism and false democracies that 
embrace tyrannical governments. We have been known to do it in the past, but hopefully 
we are learning we cannot do so any longer.  Meanwhile much of Europe is becoming one 
of the world's greatest dangers because of its embracing terrorist nations and 

K'aya K'ama
Gerald Smith
Freedom Forever

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