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What do you feel are some of the best news sources on the Web? How about off the Web?

I know that Marc Schindler continually gushed over the Economist, and truth be told, I found it a good source of news. But I still read "The New American," "Newsmax," and "Worldnet Daily" on the Web. They make no pretense of objectivity, but they give me the right-wing slant that I can't get anywhere else.

What am I overlooking. I'm a little bored with the news sources I've been using. I'd like to try something new.

John W. Redelfs

Once in a while I visit for a little different viewpoint of the "right wing slant."

Steven Montgomery

Moscow's Strategy. . . The dialectic of this offensive consists of a calculated shift from the old, discredited Soviet practice to a new, "liberalized" model, with a social democratic Facade, to realize the communist planners strategy for establishing a United Europe. At the beginning they introduced a variation of the 1968 Czechoslovakian 'democratization.' At a later phase they will shift to a variation of the Czechoslovakian takeover of 1948. -----Anatoliy Golitsyn, _New Lies for Old_, 1984

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