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> Ron,
> What do you feel are some of the best news sources on the Web?  How about
> off the Web?

Generally, IMO, the most reliable sources for news are those
publications/organizations that that take great care in gathering and
preparing and checking their reports.  For instance, all the Time
publications use "adversarial" fact-checking process (facts are checked by
researcher who operates independent of the in house writer and field

In my opinion, the "news"(this does not include editorialists or
editorialists) organizations that are the most reliable are:

1.  The New York Times group
2. The Washington Post/LA Times/Newsday/Newsweek group
3.  The Wall Street Journal/ Dow Jones

Because they are well balanced, I like the following publications in

1. The Economist
2.  Time...although since the Time Inc. merger with AOL, it has become
increasingly lightweight.
3. The New Yorker

I was the happiest when daily I read:

1. The NY Times, WSJ on the train ride in; the LA Times and Washington Post
at the office; plus the NY Post on the train home at night.

2.  Direct, raw dispatches throughout the from Time correspondents around
the world.

and weekly:

1. The New Yorker
2.  Sports Illustrated and ALL the Time, Inc. publications ( I am loyal)
3.  The National Review
4.  The Nation and/or New Republic

and monthly:

1. Fortune for sure.
2. Different monthly magazines, as they contained interesting stories or
good writing.

And, always the New York Times Sunday Crossword, to defog my mind.

These days I don't have time to read -- that is, I'm no longer paid to
read -- so, as a general rule my daily reading is limited to The New York
Times, Wall Street Journal and Boston Globe.  And, the Crossword on Sunday.


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