Valerie-- what a great story! I think this would make a great "thread"--
The Small World of the Church". To start things off, here's one that just
happened in our family.

Our oldest son, Chuck, is serving in the Tennessee Nashville Mission and
was just transfered to Clarksville TN where he got a new companion and
participated in a transfer conference.

Flashback; for several years some of our early morning seminary classes
were held in the teachers home. my wife would help by picking up kids and
taking them to the teachers home (this was before she launched her seminary
teaching career).  One young man, who was not especially active, needed a
ride, so my wife would leave extra early to get him because he lived out of
the way.  The teacher specifically asked my wife to pick him up, because he
probably would not make the class. There were days, when Alan would not be
ready, or was sleeping in, sometimes a couple of days in a row, when my
wife would wonder-- what am I doing this for, he doesn't care about
seminary. After that year the boy moved back with his family and we lost
contact with him.

back to transfer conference;  in my sons own words
       "I got my new comp yesterday. His name is Elder Klienman. But wait,
yesterday at the transfer meeting in nashville you will never guess who I
saw. Go ahead guess... I ran into Elder Drone!!! You remember him? Remember
Allen that we took to seminary and stuff?? He is in MY MISSION!!!! It was
so crazy when we saw each other. I still cant believe it. He has been out
for about 13 or so months. It was awesome!!!"

it is indeed a much smaller world when you are a member of the Lords Church.

anyone else want to volunteer a story?

Bob & Rusty Taylor

   "There are no coincidences, only small miracles." Author Unknown


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