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> From: Valerie Nielsen Williams <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: 11/15/2003 11:59:36 AM
> Subject: [ZION] The Small World of the Church
> I just wanted to share with you all something really neat.  You know, as
> members of the church, it doesn't matter where we are, if we are with
> fellow LDS, we have a lot to talk about.  It makes the world a smaller
> place.  Inevitably, someone you meet knows someone you know, and you feel
> a closer connection.  This is a story kinda like that.
> Well, way back before our wards spilt, a young couple moved into the
> ward.  They had no children and he was there to do a three year residency
> at Memorial Hospital.  When they found out they could not have children,
> they began adopting.  I remember Stacy crying as she held her first baby
> girl, saying, "She's so beautiful.  I'd have taken her if she were
> homely, but look at her, she's just soo beautiful!"  They were blessed
> with a second daughter, and just this past month, a son.
> When Miles finished his residency, he set up practice here.  I have
> always felt so close to Miles and Stacy.  When Tom died, Miles was a huge
> source of comfort.  I was extremely ill during the visitation, so I had
> to sit down to receive people, and Miles knelt down, held my hand, and
> spoke as a great priethood leader, of things not of this world, but in
> the world to come.  Just lately, he was called as Bishop (about a month
> ago) for the South Bend Ward.  
> O.K. now, I love doing genealogy.  I have always loved reading histories
> and uncovering the mysteries we call ancestors.  I especially love
> reading my dad's history.  He died 23 years ago, so I feel close to him
> when I read his stuff.  Last year, my sister found a legal pad that had
> Dad's handwritten draft of the typed history we all have.  It is
> different from the typed version, more raw and with details he left out
> of the typed version for some reason.  I used that handwritten version to
> share with my students this week, my dad's expreiences in WWII (we are
> doing a veteran's unit).  Thursday, after I'd read this to my last class,
> I decided to re-read it for myself.  I love to read his thoughts.  Well,
> page 13 contained some notes he scribbled.  It was obviously his notes
> for the section he called the "Fabulous Fifties."  It was during the 50's
> that he married my mom, had most of us kids, and joined the church. (as a
> side note, Orrin Hatch was one of my parent's missionaries).
> Anyway, one of the little notes said, 7 Dec 1957 Pat. Blessing,  Reed
> Andrew, Detrioit Stake.  Now, I have seen my dad's patriarchal blessing
> numerous times.  I love reading over it.  What I had never connected, is
> that his patriarch, Reed Andrew, didn't have an 's' on the end of his
> name.  (connecting point here)  This is the same as Miles and Stacy
> Andrew.  As it turns out, Reed is Miles's grandfather!  Stacy said that
> Reed is the one who sealed them when they were married--that he was a
> sealer in Salt Lake, and got special permission to fly to Chicago to seal
> them.  How cool is that!  Reed has since passed, but think about this;
> when my parents were baptized, they lived in Ohio.   What are the odds,
> that in Northern Indiana, some 46 years later, descendents of early
> midwest saints would connect like this.
> Gotta love the TRUE church.
> val
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