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I would MUCH rather watch a soccer game (or lacrosse game...or
game...) than watch basketball.  I can't STAND basketball!
I don't necessarily disagree with you here.  That is, I don't
particularly care for basketball myself.  But I see it simply as
being a fast-paced, higher-scoring version of soccer.  The only
thing I see in both sports is a bunch of people running from one
side of the court or field to the other.  But at least in
basketball when someone shoots they usually at least hit the
backboard.  There are many instances (the majority) in soccer
where the ball goes no where near the goal while shooting.  I say
if you have to have soccer, get rid of the regulation time and go
straight to the penalty kicks that almost inevitably determine
the outcome of the game since there are so many ties.  It would
save everyone a lot of time and anguish.

Cousin Bill
"Our country, right or wrong.  When
right, to be kept right.  When wrong,
to be put right." -- Carl Schurz

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