There are differences in why the Lord canonized the Bible, but not the Apocrypha.

First, the Bible is more complete doctrinally, while the Apocrypha does not always 
concentrate on doctrine or God. Secondly, historically, we aren't completely sure who 
wrote the books of the Apocrypha (same trouble with a few Bible books, like Hebrews 
and Revelation).

Finally, God need not command in all things. We are to seek out much through the Holy 
Ghost. Why don't we canonize more General Conference talks? Because there is no need 
to do so. If the members learn to listen to the Spirit, they will gain the truth, and 
toss out the errors.

As for apocryphal books (not necessarily in the Apocrypha, but early writings) that 
probably should be in the Bible: Gospel of Thomas, Odes of Solomon, the Testaments of 
the 12 Patriarchs.

K'aya K'ama
Gerald Smith
Freedom Forever

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