Big gripe I had with the ALM crowd.  Many of them are advocates for 
"artistic freedom."  They want license to write anything that 
contributes to a good-selling story, regardless of the implicit message 
or moral content -- including explicit descriptions of sexual behavior 
that clearly violates LDS standards.  These things are a part of "real 
life," they argue.

I abandoned the protests in the AML forum long ago.  But recently the 
issue was raised again, as Deseret Book issued a new edict proclaiming 
that books which fail to meet their standards will not be sold there.

I had a private laugh as I thought to myself, "It serves them right."  
In a way, I think the recalcitrance of many LDS artists has forced this 
policy.  There have been predictable howls of anguish and protest 
against such heavy-handed censorship.  But I suspect that serious LDS 
writers who wish to have a market for their work will toe the line.   

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