Pray what was the false dilemma I posed?  I made it quite clear that much
has changed in the past 20 years.  The setting for the novel -- the excerpt
especially -- is the 70s and 60s.

I'm not surprised that Potok's books are carried by Deseret Book. It did
carry Evenson's works, as I recall. And, I would expect that Deseret Book
just might carry similar treatments (similar to Potok's)of the Mormon
culture, written by Mormon authors.  A more Rothian approach, however, could
still present some problems.  Now don't tell me that DB stocks Roth's books


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> Ron poses a false dilemma -- but it makes for a good story.
> A few years ago Elder Richard G. Scott gave a general conference address
> on the topic of cultural baggage.  He indicated that cultural roots are
> and should be an important and integral part of our membership in the
> Church.  We bring with us the good things, and abandon the dross.
> It seems painfully obvious to me that Church leaders are fully aware of
> these issues.  Indeed I believe there is more sensitivity and attention
> devoted to diverse cultural heritage today than I can ever remember.
> In fact I have Jewish ancestors that bring a unique cultural background
> to my family, and contribute an important component of my own cultural
> identity.
> BTW, I checked at Deseret Book, and found that they list five novels by
> Chiam Potok.
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