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>  Robert Millet, who teaches ancient scripture at
>Brigham Young University,
>said it was tough to watch all the violence, but
>important nonetheless.
>     "The word 'whitewash' may be too strong, but
>that's how we [Mormons]
>sometimes treat the reality of Christ's suffering,"
>Millet said. "We don't
>want to think about how horrendous it really was."
>     He found the ending, with its hint of
>resurrection, "appropriate."
>     Millet addressed the issue of the movie's
>R-rating, which may keep
>many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of
>Latter-day Saints from seeing
>the film.
>     "I don't generally go to R-rated movies, but this
>is another
>experience where the rating system has betrayed us,"
>Millet said.
>     He pointed to recent statements of LDS leaders,
>which said only "to be
>wise, judicious and discerning in our movie choices,"
>Millet said. "We are
>not watching Freddy Krueger, after all."
>     The story of Jesus' death on the cross is "so
>central to human
>history," he said. "I needed to experience this to know
>what other churches

Interesting, curious commentary from the campus of BYU.  While
Millet may not think The Passion is "Freddy Standard," a normally
cautious NPR reviewer called in the Jesus Chainsaw Murder.
Anyway...I'm continuing to read about this moview...but so far
I've been persuaded to stay home.


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