Thanks Thomas  for providing yet nire reasons to avoid this
movie: boredom. I take it you won't become a Methodist any time


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>I went to Passion last Sunday when a Methodist neighbor
>invited me. His
>church had bought out a showing with the apparent hope
>of converting a few
>Mormons to "real Christianity". This allowed them to
>hand out a lot of
>literature, etc. I was good for a free movie and wanted
>to see what all the
>fuss was about.
>I thought the film was good in some respects but very
>bad in others. Of
>course it was all done very realistically with good
>actors. The focus was
>entirely on the torture and death of Jesus with only
>the smallest tidbits of
>his life and resurrection. I've never been able to see
>anything spiritual
>about a man being tortured to death, and this film only
>reinforced that
>perception. It seemed like the Life of Jesus with all
>the spiritual stuff
>removed! The trip from the court to Golgotha took what
>seemed an eternity.
>As if the New Testament account wasn't enough, they
>threw in lots of extra
>little acts of torture. I had to roll my eyes a lot.
>But that wasn't what I found most "bad" about the
>movie. First, it suffered
>from the same problem as every other Jesus film I've
>seen: Jesus is never
>portrayed as a realistic character. He says all the
>familiar words, but
>they're said in a soft voice with no emotion, yet
>everyone is listening with
>baited breath. That just doesn't work. The words are
>profound because
>they're familiar to us. To become famous they needed a
>good original
>oration. I don't picture Jesus as a quiet, boring guy
>with a few profound
>things in his head, but that's how he's always
>portrayed. The only time in
>the entire film that they made him human was a short
>flashback (with no
>spiritual content) where he was teasing his mother
>while building a table.
>Next, the film completely failed to make a persuasive
>case for why anybody
>wanted Jesus dead. The Jesus portrayed in the film
>would have been dismissed
>as a crank by everyone (and was by Pilot, Herod, and
>others). The only thing
>even remotely offensive was Jesus quietly admitting to
>a couple heresies
>(never loud enough for the "offended" crowd to even
>hear him). So the whole
>plot of the story made no sense. I realize that we're
>already supposed to
>know about Jesus cleansing the temple, etc., but the
>Jesus character in
>Gibson's movie didn't fit that role at all (and there
>was never a flashback
>to that).
>There were other odd things about the movie. There was
>a devil character
>that kept popping up in a cloak (I think a woman, but I
>was never sure). Her
>purpose was never made clear (to encourage the death of
>Jesus, or prevent
>it?). Then there was mother Mary and her entourage
>(Mary M & John). They
>were always following along trying to get close to
>Jesus through his ordeal,
>always shedding a tear but perfectly solemn--totally
>unrealistic to say the
>least. I thought these repetitive scenes would never
>end. It was a relief
>when the movie was finally over and I could get out of
>the theater and do
>something useful. The film didn't move me at all. It
>was so boring I almost
>fell asleep a couple times.
>Well there you have it, Doubting Thomas’ review of the Passion.
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