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>> Martha Stewart is guilty on all counts.
>On all remaining counts, perhaps.  Several (the most
>serious, I think)
>were dismissed a week or two ago.
>I think it's a pity.  If she's guilty, then she needs
>to pay the
>penalty, but I haven't seen any convincing evidence.  I
>think it was
>part witch-hunt to put the successful woman down, part
>cautionary tale
>to other Rich & Famous People that "We Will Come After You Too".

They're having a tough time with the really big crooks who cost
people jobs and fortunes.  So they went after foolish one, who
though she cost no one anything, was very visible.  Again, we see
the high cost of fame.  Sounds like a year in the slammer deal at
most. Perhaps a suspended sentence.  I think she'll end-up in
Danbury, which at least is near her home in  Westport, Ct. and is
comparatively relaxed.


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