The reason they're cheering is that he proposes raising the taxes
of "the wealthy" not the people cheering at political rallies. At
least he's honest about his intentions: "Vote for me, I will
raise your taxes."  It is indeed an odd campaign slogan.

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>One of John Kerry's principal campaign issues is taxes.
> He promises to
>rescind the recent tax cuts implemented by the Bush
>In the news coverage, it absolutely amazes me to notice
>the crowds
>cheering with enthusiasm when they hear a promise to
>raise their taxes.
>It has always surprised me that so many are willing to
>elect people who
>promise to take away their money and spend it for them.
> Of course, we
>know that liberal political leaders are always wiser
>than any of their
>constituents about how best to spend other people's money.
>As far as I can discern, none of the rhetoric on taxes,
>from either side
>of the aisle, has even a shred of credibility.  Both
>leading candidates
>are wealthy beyond reason.  Unlike the circumstances
>with most of us, it
>is obvious that not even taxes levied at the most
>extreme rate could
>ever do much to hurt their lavishly indulgent
>lifestyle.  They pretend
>to emphathize with people of modest means, but in
>reality I believe they
>don't have a clue.
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