This is all true, but I like Edward's pronouncements the best.  In his
speech in Raleigh where he quit the campaign, Edwards asked all to join him
in his quest to end all poverty in the US during the next 4 years.  And
everybody cheered their heads off!

All ya gots ta do is to have the right intentions.  Success is not


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> One of John Kerry's principal campaign issues is taxes.  He promises to
> rescind the recent tax cuts implemented by the Bush administration.
> In the news coverage, it absolutely amazes me to notice the crowds
> cheering with enthusiasm when they hear a promise to raise their taxes.
> It has always surprised me that so many are willing to elect people who
> promise to take away their money and spend it for them.  Of course, we
> know that liberal political leaders are always wiser than any of their
> constituents about how best to spend other people's money.
> As far as I can discern, none of the rhetoric on taxes, from either side
> of the aisle, has even a shred of credibility.  Both leading candidates
> are wealthy beyond reason.  Unlike the circumstances with most of us, it
> is obvious that not even taxes levied at the most extreme rate could
> ever do much to hurt their lavishly indulgent lifestyle.  They pretend
> to emphathize with people of modest means, but in reality I believe they
> don't have a clue.
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