When Richard Wilkins lays out a real constitutional argument I
will be first in line to read it.  So far, he resorts to bombast
and preaching rather than jurisprudence.

The "local option" you propose does have some major practical
complications (as we have discussed), ones that could be sorted
out however by reasonable, pragmatic people.

But, Steven, thank you for acknowledging that one needn't wax
heretical to oppose the the proposed amendment.


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>Subject: [ZION] Marriage and the Constitution
>If, as BYU Professor Richard Wilkins states, we need a
>Marriage Amendment
>because activist judges have misinterpreted the
>Constitution (See the URL
>immediately below), then why not simply limit their
>jurisdiction as
>outlined in Article III, Section 2?
>Richard Wilkins may be convinced that we need a
>constitutional amendment,
>but I disagree. All we need to do is limit their
>jurisdiction. It would be
>far easier, send a strong message to these activist
>judges, and protect
>this vital institution at the same time.
>Steven Montgomery
>And let us with caution indulge the supposition, that
>morality can be
>maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded
>to the influence of
>refined education on minds of peculiar structure,
>reason and experience
>both forbid us to expect that national morality can
>prevail in exclusion of
>religious principle--George Washington
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