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>Steven Montgomery wrote:
>>If, as BYU Professor Richard Wilkins states, we need a
>Marriage Amendment
>>because activist judges have misinterpreted the
>Constitution (See the URL
>>immediately below), then why not simply limit their
>jurisdiction as
>>outlined in Article III, Section 2?
>>Richard Wilkins may be convinced that we need a
>constitutional amendment,
>>but I disagree. All we need to do is limit their jurisdiction.
>This is why the pro-family forces are doomed to
>failure.  They can't even
>agree among themselves about what needs to be done.  --JWR

I agree, John. Notice that yesterday the proponents of the
amendment expanded language of the proposed amendment to give
states the right to adopt same sex union legislation and even
Orrin Hatch was dithering.  Before this is over, I won't be
surprised to see the church walk away from the whole deal because
it is becoming increasingly obvious that the amendment will fail
and even if it should pass will be about as sharply formed as,
say, jello.


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