Hello, Jim

thanks for your response. evidently age and education have not sharpened my
writing skills very much.
everything you stated was/is true-- historically, the Church has not fared
well in the hands of the U.S. legal system.

However, I was asking the opposite question:
        "would it be correct/valid to say that if the church supports a
matter regarding the
        law of the land, then that particular item is also constitutional?

I hope this makes my question a bit more clear.

Bob Taylor

>In my view, the restoration has a poor record of success when it comes
>to testing the laws of the land in court.  For more than 150 years it
>has been a dismal and discouraging effort for the saints of God to
>importune the courts for redress.  In legal matters regarding everything
>from trivial personal harassment lawsuits against Joseph Smith, on up to
>the testing of the constitutionality of federal anti-polygamy laws, the
>church has waged and consistently lost many important legal battles
>through the courts at every level.
>Having personally sustained my own significant trauma at the handling of
>the courts, I shrink from the very suggestion that we might obtain any
>kind of satisfying judgement in the several legal matters currently
>concerning the general body of the church.  But, notwithstanding my own
>reticence, and even in the face of confusion within the ranks regarding
>these matters, we are clearly obligated to follow the consistent counsel
>of the brethren in this matter.  The saints have always been instructed
>to make every effort to work within the law.  We believe in honoring and
>sustaining the law of the land.  In many instances throughout church
>history, church members have been horribly abused at the hands of the
>system which should have protected them.  Yet they always continued to
>press for justice and sound judgement.
>I can see no other alternative.  In the case of the assault on marriage
>laws, I honestly believe it may be a futile effort.  But we ought to
>follow the example set by our stalwart predecessors, in exhausting every
>recourse to obtain legal settlement of the current issues.
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