Hi Folks,

We're having a vigil this Wednesday at 12 at the Fence at CMU.  We've
invited a speaker from the ROTC airforce, Kobi will probably speak for the
Israeli's, and Indira Nair will probably come to give a general prayer.
We've also made some ribbons (half red, white, and blue; half blue, white,
and blue), and will probably put up big American and Israeli flags.  We
plan on putting up posters, then painting the fence tonight.  We also
invited a number of student groups.

Polina and Max are designing posters, and I have picked up paints, but we
NEED help tonight in putting up the posters and actually painting the
fence.  We will likely start putting up posters at 10 or 11, and will
paint the fence at 12.  Email me ([EMAIL PROTECTED]), Polina
([EMAIL PROTECTED]), or Kobi ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) if you can help.

The official invite is below.


It is a sad time for all of us.  The destruction of the space shuttle
Columbia was a tragedy for Americans and Israelis alike.  As the US
ambassador to Israel said in the Israeli cabinet meeting yesterday
"Americans and Israelis are brothers not only on earth, but in also in

A group of Israeli and American students are organizing a vigil in
commemoration of the spirit of those heroes who died aboard the Columbia.
The vigil will take place this Wednesday at noon at the fence, and we
would like to invite you and members of your organization to join us.

We have invited a member of the ROTC airforce to say a few words, and will
also be having an Israeli student speak about the unique American-Israeli
partnership.  Additionally, we have invited Indira Nair, Vice Provost for
Education to say a general prayer.  We may also give out ribbons.

We hope that you can join us.

Jacques Katz
member, Israel On Campus (IOC)

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