Feb. 3, 2003

A shame that it's not understood,
This "poem" à l'Allemang is just not good.
Voters say that what's really tired
Is the misuse of rape as a horror for hire,
An easy way to mark irony fake,
And, convenient, how delightful, that it rhymes with "gaped."

The choice to use poetry is an excuse, you see,
To avoid references and accountability,
While the real message is about goobeldy gee,
And a gentleman called Johnos in printology.

Taking refuge from the exigencies of public debate,
In an Ivory fortress, with rhetorical haste.

Like Bush, he'd like to generalize,
Good vs. Evil, to emphasize,
That morality is simple game,
Of speaking through the medium of fame,
So that he can have the rules set,
To protect the value of his bet,
And never suffer consequence,
For lines of verse that make no sense.

And so we get a metaphorical Allemang pax:
If you want it to rhyme, then forget the facts.

> Saturday, February 1, 2003 - Print Edition, Page F4
>  The Angel Ariel
> What happened to that U.S. scheme
> To bring to heel their Gulf War team,
> And keep the doves from breaking rank
> By taking peace to the West Bank?
> Instead of getting tossed a bone,
> The Palestinians got Sharon.
> Instead of fighting war with peace,
> George Bush gave hate an endless lease.
> It's said Sharon has changed his ways:
> He's moderate, not like the days
> When babies died and girls were raped
> And, while the anguished journos gaped,
> Israel's defender passed the time
> By shifting blame for his war crime --
> But now a bloody résumé
> Is just the thing to save the day.
> A few days saved, but look what's lost:
> Can no one calculate the cost
> Of letting Sharon loose to fight?
> As if a show of Israel's might
> Is all it takes to change the mind
> Of one who'd leave her life behind
> And stick a bomb against her chest
> To be a model for the rest.
> Tough talk's in fashion, sad to say.
> Reason by itself can't sway
> Tired voters who will overlook
> Suggestions that Sharon's a crook.
> "A billion here, some bodies there,
> In wartime, that's not hard to bear."
> And so we get this Roman pax:
> If you want peace, then launch attacks.

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