[Florent Guillaume]
> I'm sure it's on purpose, but why isn't ZEO numbered the same way than
> the rest of the ZODB (3.4.0a3 now) ?

Beats me -- the ZEO version number has been "one less" than the
corresponding ZODB version number (e.g., if ZODB is 6.7.8q12, ZEO is
5.7.8q12) as far back as my knowledge goes, and I can't find an explanation.

Probably had something to do with the days when ZEO was a distinct download,
separate from ZODB.

In any case, it seems silly now.

Does anyone object to my changing the ZEO version number to match the ZODB
version number?  Concretely, that means:

    import ZODB
    import ZEO
    assert ZODB.__version__ == ZEO.version

would no longer fail.

I've seen code and docs that actually reference ZEO.version (and why that
isn't spelled "__version__" is also unknown to me), so I'm not proposing to
get rid of ZEO.version, just to make it the same string as ZODB.__version__,
starting with ZODB 3.4 (which would include ZEO 3.4, not the ZEO 2.4 it
would contain if we continued the current pattern).

There's also a file, ZEO/version.txt, that repeats the ZEO version number
(ZEO.version is set up by ZEO/__init__.py).  I have no idea why that exists
either.  Does any one here use ZEO/version.txt?

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