On 4/14/05, Tim Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Beats me -- the ZEO version number has been "one less" than the
> corresponding ZODB version number (e.g., if ZODB is 6.7.8q12, ZEO is
> 5.7.8q12) as far back as my knowledge goes, and I can't find an explanation.

The version number got added when we moved to ZEO 2 IIRC.  At the same
time, I started incrementing the minor version number along with the
ZODB minor version number, because they were always released in

> Does anyone object to my changing the ZEO version number to match the ZODB
> version number?  Concretely, that means:
>     import ZODB
>     import ZEO
>     assert ZODB.__version__ == ZEO.version
> would no longer fail.


> I've seen code and docs that actually reference ZEO.version (and why that
> isn't spelled "__version__" is also unknown to me), 

Because of silly developer preferences.  I don't like to use an
__variable__ unless that __variable__ has an actual meaning to the
Python interpreter.  The __variable__ namespace is supposed to be
reserved for Python (sort of like names beginning with _P are reserved
in std C).  Also, it's not a private variable, so I didn't see any
point to have any underscores in it.

> There's also a file, ZEO/version.txt, that repeats the ZEO version number
> (ZEO.version is set up by ZEO/__init__.py).  I have no idea why that exists
> either.  Does any one here use ZEO/version.txt?

Someone asked for it so that it would be easy to check the version of
ZEO from a shell script.

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