Tim Peters wrote:
> def getBeforeCommitHooks(self):
> Note that Zope 2.8b1 was already released (yesterday) with a ZODB 3.4 alpha,
> so strictly speaking no new features should be added to ZODB 3.4.  But if
> you can slam code and tests for this in quickly, I'll look the other way (I
> think adding a straightforward new method is about as harmless as can be).
> Just don't let Jim notice you're doing it <wink>. 

Ok done, thanks.

> Primarily I think that building 90% of an app's logic on beforeCommitHook()
> may be a mistake <wink>.

Why do you say that? I'm not building 90% of my app logic on that, it's
really just an optimization to delay some things until the end of the


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