Jürgen Herrmann wrote:
hi all!

i'm trying to form a patch that will result in a method "_before_commit()"
being called on each modified object in a transaction (if that method
exists of course) right before commit.
main sense is to automate/delay (re)cataloging.

first i looked at the Transaction class, as there have been heavy
modifications to it from zodb 3.2 to 3.4

Patching is generally a bad idea.

I suggest creatinga new catalog (by subclassing or adapting an existing one)

- queues updates

- registers a before-commit callback with the TM on the first update
  in a transaction

- processes the queue in the callback

I did this recently for with Zope 3's catalog and it worked very well.
(I happend to use subclassing and would use adaptation if I were to
do it again.)


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