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Jürgen Herrmann wrote:

hi all!

i'm trying to form a patch that will result in a method
being called on each modified object in a transaction (if that method
exists of course) right before commit.
main sense is to automate/delay (re)cataloging.

first i looked at the Transaction class, as there have been heavy
modifications to it from zodb 3.2 to 3.4

Patching is generally a bad idea.

I suggest creatinga new catalog (by subclassing or adapting an existing

- queues updates

- registers a before-commit callback with the TM on the first update
  in a transaction

- processes the queue in the callback

I did this recently for with Zope 3's catalog and it worked very well.
(I happend to use subclassing and would use adaptation if I were to
do it again.)


hi jim!

thanks for your reply, i already thought about such a solution and
discarded it because it would still be necessary to call a method
on an object to recatalog it. this step (the programmer's responsibility)
i want to eliminate for several reasons.

Which are?

so, what i need is a way to have my mechanism called before transaction
commits (would be possible to use the hooks provided by zodb 3.4 for
that, sure) and cycle through all modified objects (that's where the
hooks in 3.4 are not enough for me, they don't provide any way to access
a list of modified objects).

I would oppose a per-object callback mechanism.  OTOH, I would not
oppose providing enough hooks to allow you to implement such a mechanism
yourself without patching ZODB.  Note however, that such a mechanism might
not help you anyway, as discussed below.

as i showed in my first post, the callback to modified objects works
as expected, but in the called method i'm not able to acquire the
responsible Catalog for the modified object.

That's because objects registered are not acquisition wrapped.

up to what point can i modify objects in a transaction? why doesn't
acquisition on my objects work in Connection::tpc_begin() ???

The objects are not acquisition wrapped.

IMO, ZODB is way too low a level to do what you want to do.

Note that what you are trying to do would be easier in Zope 3
because Zope 3 relies far less on wrappers for acquisition.


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