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Tim Peters wrote:
> [Julien Anguenot]
> ...
>>>The order argument could be an integer with a default value to 0 added
>>>to the registration method.
> [Gary Poster]
>>I usually like the word 'priority' for this sort of value, rather than
>>'order'.  To me 'order' implies unique value--i.e., with 'order' I am
>>mildly surprised to learn that two entries may have  the same order.  I
>>am not surprised that two entries may share a priority.
> It's wholly unclear to me, given a callback with associated value 0 and
> another with associated value 9999999, which one is supposed to be invoked
> first.  If the parameter is called "priority", then I'd expect 9999999 to
> "win"; if it's called "order", then 0.


To make it clear the idea is if you got this and if we call it "order".

Callback Ca order 0
Callback Cb order 999999
Callback Cc order -999999

The order of execution will be Cc Ca and then Cb.

Note the ones with a default order (e.g : 0) will be executed in the
order of the regitration as it is currently.

You ok with this ?

Note, the wording 'order' comes from Jim's implementation within Zope3
that I wanted to follow for consistency.


IConfigurationContext.action() for instance. an action with order
9999999 will be invoked after the other ones.

And, of course, if it's called a priority then the execution will be be
the opposite : Cb, Ca, Cc

Now, it's probably better to use "order" to keep consistency with Zope3.

> It's certainly easy to implement.  The Collector will remain open all
> weekend for patches <wink>.

Well, I'd rather do a branch including the modifications and the tests
that we could merge after. For you and for me it will be easier. Except
if the ZODB sub-area of the Zope.org repository is a resticted one ?


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