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I would like to order the before commit hooks on a transaction by being
able to specify an order for a subscriber at registration time. For the
moment, they are called in the order they've been registred.

The order argument could be an integer with a default value to 0 added
to the registration method.

We could just insert the subscriber wihin the queue according to this
order parameter if found *or* sorting the queue according to this
parameter before flushing the queue and calling the hooks.

What do you think ?

What is the motivation for this?  Can you give any use cases?

I'm -1 on this because it adds complexity to something that I think
should be simple.  It feels like something that is likely to be
missused. I do have an open mind though.

Unfortunately, I won't see your reply for over a week.  I'd
prefer not to see this added to the trunk until we've had a chance
to discuss it a bit more.


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