S├ębastien VINOT wrote:

I have a Plone2 web site that has strange problems. In fact what appears
is a big CPU usage.

I've checked the products and nothing special is used (CMFBoard seems to
be the one the most cpu consumer).

I've looked at the event.log and I found a lot of conflictError. In
fact, even if these problems are not linked I'm a bit worried about
these conflicts. I tried to find a "magic tool" able to repair my base
on internet with no success.

Does someone has some clues to investigate.

You can start by using DeadlockDebugger or ZopeProfiler to see where the CPU time is spent.

For the ConflictErrors, you'll have to isolate what objects they apply to and understand who writes to them and causes conflict. I posted a patch on this list 1-2 months ago to get more information off ReadConflictErrors to identify objects.


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