[Tim Peters]
>> Since setdefault() is going into ZODB 3.5 (I'm going to merge Ruslan's
>> branch into the trunk today), if anyone <hint> would like to code up
>> pop() implementations too, I won't object.  Overall, I like pop()
>> better than setdefault() too.

[Dmitry Vasiliev]
> Wow, Ruslan already has made an implementation!

Yup!  You're off the hook ;-)

BTW, I lied above:  it's going into ZODB 3.6.  ZODB 3.5a7 already went out
with Zope 3.1c2, so ZODB 3.5 final has to get made from that (ZODB releases
are driven by Zope releases).

ZODB trunk is now for ZODB 3.6 development.

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