[Ruslan Spivak]
> Great!
> BTW, i noted you changed svn:externals for ZODB in Zope 3.1 branch, but
> not for the trunk, is there any reason, or you will do it lately?

Unfortunately, things got done in a wrong order here.  ZODB 3.5 final is
really closest to ZODB 3.5.0a7, which is earlier than the ZODB version Zope3
trunk is already using.  Zope3 trunk will go on to use ZODB 3.6, not 3.5.

I still have to make ZODB trunk "look like" ZODB 3.6a1, rework its NEWS file
to pretend that internal releases after 3.5.0a7 weren't made, cut a tag for
ZODB 3.6a1, and move Zope3 trunk to the latter.

Unfortunately too, I may not have time for all of that soon -- working on
ZODB isn't my top priority this week, and the ZODB 3.5.0 release got so
messy it consumed more time than expected.  I also want to merge the new
.pop() code into the trunk, and implement the commit hook resolution, before
torturing <wink> Zope3 trunk with another ZODB.

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