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> [Ruslan Spivak]
>> Great!
>> BTW, i noted you changed svn:externals for ZODB in Zope 3.1 branch, but
>> not for the trunk, is there any reason, or you will do it lately?
> Unfortunately, things got done in a wrong order here.  ZODB 3.5 final is
> really closest to ZODB 3.5.0a7, which is earlier than the ZODB version Zope3
> trunk is already using.  Zope3 trunk will go on to use ZODB 3.6, not 3.5.
> I still have to make ZODB trunk "look like" ZODB 3.6a1, rework its NEWS file
> to pretend that internal releases after 3.5.0a7 weren't made, cut a tag for
> ZODB 3.6a1, and move Zope3 trunk to the latter.
> Unfortunately too, I may not have time for all of that soon -- working on
> ZODB isn't my top priority this week, and the ZODB 3.5.0 release got so
> messy it consumed more time than expected.  I also want to merge the new
> .pop() code into the trunk, and implement the commit hook resolution, before
> torturing <wink> Zope3 trunk with another ZODB.

Thanks for info!


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