[Chris Bainbridge]
> I noticed the following error installing Gentoo / python 2.3.5:
> byte-compiling
> to sampletests_f.pyc
> byte-compiling
> to sampletests_i.pyc
>   File
> line 15
>     importx unittest
>                    ^
> SyntaxError: invalid syntax
> ...

Ah, fudge.  That's a genuine syntax error in the zope.testing file named (it
says "importx" instead of "import").

Jim, know immediately what's up with that?  Is the syntax error intentional?
Why doesn't it cause the zope.testing tests to fail (sampletest_i.py can't
be compiled or imported)?

I'm afraid this affects all projects that stitch in zope.testing from


which includes all versions of ZODB >= 3.4.

Chris, until this is straightened out, try passing the


option to your "setup.py install" command, e.g.

    python setup.py install --no-compile

Python compiles to .pyc as needed automatically, as a normal side effect of
importing a module (so there's usually no _need_ for an install to compile
to .pyc), and the invalid sampletests_i.py has nothing to do with normal
ZODB operation (ZODB never imports it, so its syntax error will never matter
to running ZODB).

For more information about ZODB, see the ZODB Wiki:

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