[Chris Bainbridge]
>> I noticed the following error installing Gentoo / python 2.3.5:
>> byte-compiling
>> to sampletests_f.pyc byte-compiling
>> to sampletests_i.pyc
>>   File
>> line 15
>>     importx unittest
>>                    ^
>> SyntaxError: invalid syntax ...

[Tim Peters]
> Ah, fudge.  That's a genuine syntax error in the zope.testing file
> named (it says "importx" instead of "import").
> Jim, know immediately what's up with that?  Is the syntax error
> intentional? Why doesn't it cause the zope.testing tests to fail
> (sampletest_i.py can't be compiled or imported)?

Looks like it's intentional.  The zope.testing tests expect to see this
syntax error.  Unfortunately, distutils tries to compile all .py files.

> I'm afraid this affects all projects that stitch in zope.testing from
>     svn://svn.zope.org/repos/main/zope.testing/trunk/src/zope/testing
> which includes all versions of ZODB >= 3.4.

OTOH, it appears harmless.  Yes, you get a nuisance complaint, but it
shouldn't hurt the installation any.

> Chris, until this is straightened out, try passing the
>     --no-compile
> option to your "setup.py install" command, e.g.
>     python setup.py install --no-compile
> ...

Heh.  Sorry about that, I was going by the docs; --no-compile doesn't appear
to have any effect in reality; I opened a Python bug report on this:

Oh, double fudge.  This doesn't appear to be a distutils problem after all
-- it seems to be unique to setup.py thingies created _by_ Zope's zpkgtools.

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