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> it  should  be  better  to  add  addAfterCommitHook  to  transaction
> as in addBeforeCommitHook.

Sounds like a reasonable idea to me.  Who wants to implement it?  (It should
be done on a branch off of current ZODB trunk, which is current ZODB 3.6

The first thing to do is to define the interface.  Here's one possibility,
modeled after addBeforeCommitHook().  The major difference is that a
true/false value is passed to the hook unconditionally, to tell the hook
whether the commit attempt succeeded (true) or aborted (false):

def addAfterCommitHook(hook, args=(), kws=None):
    """Register a hook to call after a transaction commit attempt.

    The specified hook function will be called after the transaction
    commit succeeds or aborts.  The first argument passed to the hook
    is a Boolean value, true if the commit succeeded, or false if the
    commit aborted.  `args` specifies additional positional, and `kws`
    keyword, arguments to pass to the hook.  `args` is a sequence of
    positional arguments to be passed, defaulting to an empty tuple
    (only the true/false success argument is passed).  `kws` is a
    dictionary of keyword argument names and values to be passed, or
    the default None (no keyword arguments are passed).

    Multiple hooks can be registered and will be called in the order they
    were registered (first registered, first called).  This method can
    also be called from a hook:  an executing hook can register more
    hooks.  Applications should take care to avoid creating infinite loops
    by recursively registering hooks.

    Hooks are called only for a top-level commit.  A subtransaction
    commit or savepoint creation does not call any hooks.  Calling a
    hook "consumes" its registration:  hook registrations do not
    persist across transactions.  If it's desired to call the same
    hook on every transaction commit, then addAfterCommitHook() must be
    called with that hook during every transaction; in such a case
    consider registering a synchronizer object via a TransactionManager's
    registerSynch() method instead.

Fuzzy:  what happens if an after-commit hook invokes addBeforeCommitHook()?
I think it should be a (detected) error.  (The current transaction is
winding down, and it's "too early" to try adding hooks to the next
transaction -- it doesn't exist yet.)

Fuzzy:  should after-commit hooks be called before or after the
afterCompletion() methods of registered synchronizers?  The analogous
question wrt before-commit hooks and beforeCompletion() methods was left
unanswered, and I'm happy enough leaving it undefined here too.

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