[Sidnei da Silva, to Erik Lundh]
> Hint: If you are using persistent (disk-based) ZEO cache, removing the
> cache file and/or disabling persistent caching.

It sounds like Erik is hitting problems immediately on a fresh, virgin setup
-- in which case there shouldn't be any cache files sitting around capable
of confusing things.  It's worth a try anyway, if only to simplify a bit.

> I've had several issues with that, but never been able to get a
> consistent case to reproduce.

Be sure to tell us if you do ;-)

A particular point of weakness is that the name of a persistent cache file
is derived from the "client" and "storage" arguments passed to the
ClientStorage constructor.  It's quite _possible_ to pass a server address
that doesn't match the database in use the last time the same <client,
storage> pair was passed.  Nothing now can detect such an error, and very
weird problems can result.  Using non-persistent ZEO client caches reliably
avoids that class of problem.

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