[Chris Withers]
> ZEO's got rather noisy in Zope 2.8 :-S

Offhand I didn't find any message logged at INFO level by ClientStorage.py
in ZODB 3.4 (Zope 2.8) that wasn't also logged at INFO level by
ClientStorage.py in ZODB 3.2 (Zope 2.7).  What specifically do you find
noisier under 2.8 than under 2.7?  Could it be, perhaps, that you're running
Zope 2.8 with a logging level lower than what you used with Zope 2.7?  That
is, if you didn't see ClientStorage INFO messages in Zope 2.7 that you do
see under Zope 2.8, the cause is not in ClientStorage.py.

> Anyone mind if I make the following change to the ZEO trunk?

Not yet, please.  Please be specific about which messages you're trying to
push to a lower level.  Changing _all_ ClientStorage INFO messages to DEBUG
level (which is what your patch does) would also change ClientStorage
logging behavior relative to Zope 2.7.  I'd be surprised if most people want
that to happen, although I'd have no real objection if that's really what
they want.

> ...
> PS: What branches should I merge this to to get it into the next 2.8
> release, assuming it is okay?

Zope 2.8 uses ZODB 3.4.

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