[Chris Withers]
>>> ZEO's got rather noisy in Zope 2.8 :-S

[Tim Peters]
>> Offhand I didn't find any message logged at INFO level by
>> ClientStorage.py in ZODB 3.4 (Zope 2.8) that wasn't also logged at INFO
>> level by ClientStorage.py in ZODB 3.2 (Zope 2.7).  What specifically do
>> you find noisier under 2.8 than under 2.7?
>> Please be specific about which messages you're trying
>> to push to a lower level.  Changing _all_ ClientStorage INFO messages
>> to DEBUG level (which is what your patch does) would also change
>> ClientStorage logging behavior relative to Zope 2.7.

> How so?

The same messages from ClientStorage.py were logged at INFO level in Zope
2.7 too.  Therefore changing them to DEBUG level would be a change from the
behavior they showed in 2.7 too.
You started your message with "ZEO's got rather noisy in Zope 2.8", implying
that it's noisier than it _used_ to be, presumably in Zope 2.7.  That
appears to be false, at least wrt ClientStorage.py.


>> That is, if you didn't see ClientStorage INFO messages in Zope 2.7
>> that you do see under Zope 2.8, the cause is not in ClientStorage.py.

> Sorry, couldn't parse that :-S

The messages you showed were also logged at INFO level in Zope 2.7.  You
don't have to take my word for that, look at 2.7's ClientStorage.py:

        log2(INFO, "endVerify finishing") 
        log2(INFO, "endVerify finished")
            log2(INFO, "Reconnected to storage: %s" % self._server_addr)
            log2(INFO, "Connected to storage: %s" % self._server_addr)
            log2(INFO, "Waiting for cache verification to finish")

etc.  If you didn't see these INFO messages in Zope 2.7, but are seeing them
in Zope 2.8, it's hard to credibly blame ClientStorage.py because nothing
relevant changed in ClientStorage.py between 2.7 and 2.8:  INFO level in
2.7, INFO level in 2.8.

> I'll paste at the end of the message... I can't see anything in there
> that's anything other than debug information: ie: you don't care about it
> unless something is apparently wrong, in which case you can tweak your
> log levels to dig deeper...

Dropping the:

    ZEO has gotten noisier.

argument would be good, since the code disagrees.  The other argument:

    These msgs never should have been logged at INFO level.

may have merit.  I said last time I'd be surprised if most people agreed,
but that I wouldn't object if most people did agree.  Since then, we've only
heard about it from Dieter, and I don't read his response as agreement ;-):

    Yes, I mind!

    I find many of the INFO level messages useful but would not
    like to see all "DEBUG" messages...

    What do you think of patching *your* configuration file
    and let log only from the warning level on?
    This way, you can realize your preferences without forcing them
    on others...

In the absence of consensus for change, and in the absence of a strong
argument for change, the status quo wins.  Since the messages in question
only appear at ZEO client startup time, I think it would be hard to make an
argument that INFO-level logging for them is a true burden on anyone.

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