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>   I am still hanging at my point how to hide that data in .fs file as i
> can see completely all the data if i open that file in notepad or any
> other editor. I will attach a sample data.fs file and my sample code with
> this mail . See if any one can guide me inthis context. Its a small code
> which add some organisation and then employees in that organisation.
> I have added an organisation Named EagleHawk and Employee monica with age
> 26. Now if u open that file u can easily read eaglehawk and monica in the
> file. I just want to avoid this.

ZODB doesn't support encryption directly, and there are no current plans to
add such a feature.

I don't know whether you've been reading replies on this mailing list, but
people suggested the sensible approach of using an encrypted filesystem.
Exactly how to do that depends on the operating system you're using, and
really has nothing to do with ZODB specifically.

It might also help if you explained who you're trying to hide this data
from.  If you're trying to hide it from other users on the same machine,
setting OS-level permissions may (or may not) be good enough.  If you're
transporting the Data.fs file, it can be encrypted using any method used to
encrypt any other kind of file.  Etc.  What you can't get is to have ZODB do
it for you, because no such code exists.  At an extreme, I suppose you could
encrypt user names (etc) yourself, and store the encrypted strings instead
of plain text.

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