On Jan 3, 2006, at 5:31 PM, Tim Peters wrote:

[Monica chopra]
I am still hanging at my point how to hide that data in .fs file as i
can see completely all the data if i open that file in notepad or any
other editor.

ZODB doesn't support encryption directly, and there are no current plans to
add such a feature.

The alternatives given by others and Tim all seem more attractive
for reasons they describe, but I'll just throw out another approach
that might be of interest.  I think your application could define and
use a custom subclass of Persistent, with __getstate__ and __setstate__
methods overridden to provide and use encrypted pickles of the
dicts that would otherwise be the state.  This requires the encryption
key to be available to your application code, so the problem of
hiding something is moved (and concentrated).  As others have
noted, a change like this doesn't really provide additional security
in most situations.

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