On Mar 2, 2006, at 10:48 PM, Gary Poster wrote:

On Mar 2, 2006, at 10:03 PM, Chris McDonough wrote:

persistence-3.6.0.egg (which would include persistent and BTrees modules).
zodblib-3.6.0.egg (which would include ZODB and ZODB packages).
transaction-3.6.0.egg (which would include only the transaction package).
zconfig-2.3.1.egg (which would include only the ZConfig package).
zodb-3.6.0.egg (which might be an empty "dependency" package that depended on persistence, transaction, zodblib, and zconfig).

Anyone care?

First,  "rah rah!".

Second, zodblib seems unlikely to be useful alone, but maybe I'm wrong, and even if I'm right there's precedent for that sort of thing in packaging land, so what the hey.

Well, I'm only an egg, as Michael Valentine would say, so I'm not sure what the right thing is.

Third, I'd guess that zodb would contain the stitching for zconfig- to-zodb. It makes me wonder if a zodb-without-zconfig egg would be feasible/useful, but that's probably for later navel-staring.

Yeah, that'd be good.  It's currently pretty dense in there.

- C

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