Florent Guillaume wrote at 2006-6-20 16:35 +0200:
>Is it ok if I add the following comments to Connection's docstring?  

I do not think they should become part of the class' docstring.

Having comments at the place where the attributes are introduced
(which are used for other attributes) would be really nice.

> ...
>     - _cache is a PickeCache, a cache which can ghostify objects not
>       recently used. Its API is roughly that of a dict, with additional
>       gc-related and invalidation-related methods.
>     - _registered_objects is the list of objects registered by
>       Persistence when the object was first changed, or by add(). It

I had difficulties to understand this.

What about the following alternative.
     "_registered_objects" contains the registered objects.
     Objects are registered by "add()", when they
     are modified (and are not already registered or
     when their access caused a "ReadConflictError".

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